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Wool & Delicates Wash - Simply Clean, Eucalyptus 1L

Wool & Delicates Wash - Simply Clean, Eucalyptus 1L

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Eucalyptus Wool & Delicates Wash leaves your woollens and delicates soft, clean and fresh. As well as being safe for your precious fabrics, it's safe for you, your family and the earth too. 

Simply Clean Wool & Delicates Wash is a gentle and pH neutral washing solution, especially created to protect that feeling of 'brand new' softness. And the combination of pure Australian essential oils - eucalyptus with a hint of lavender - leaves your wash with a lingering and delicate freshness.

This lovely wash is suitable for all washable woollens including merino and cashmere; and washable silks, satins, lace and other delicate and decorated fabrics.

Simply Clean use only the best and essential ingredients to protect and produce the clean clothes you expect.  

  • For hand and machine washing
  • NO colour and absolutely NO artificial fragrance 
  • Hypoallergenic: kind to sensitive & easily irritated skin
  • No phosphates or enzymes
  • Performs at all temperatures
  • Grey water and septic safe
  • Family safe and earth safe
  • No animal testing or animal products
  • Palm oil free

Directions for use are HERE.

INGREDIENTS: Pure Australian eucalyptus oil (blue mallee eucalyptus polybractea) and pure Australian lavender oil (lavandula angustifolia), alkyl polyglucoside & potassium cocoate & sodium coco-sulfate (biodegradable, plant based surfactants), sodium citrate & tetrasodium glutamate diacetate* (water softeners; stop fabrics greying; corrosion inhibitor), phenoxyethanol & sorbic acid (low dose, food grade organic preservatives stop the growth of bacteria and mould in product stored in wet areas), water.



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