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Silken Carob Cacao - with Chaga, Earthly Origins, 200g

Silken Carob Cacao - with Chaga, Earthly Origins, 200g

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From the local Byron Hinterland geniuses behind Tulua Chai comes Silken Carob Cacao - their latest warming chocolatey spiced delight. Like Tulua, you may have already seen it popping up in local's sooooo good! 

Approx 40 serves, it's vegan, GF, refined sugar free, preservative free, dairy free, soy free. The subtly sweet carob blend (carob, cacao, coconut blossom sugar and Himalayan pink salt) is balanced with a lovely complex spice kick courtesy of ginger, black pepper and cayenne pepper. Add some superfood chaga mushroom herb magic and you have a luxurious treat for your mind, body and soul.

Serving prep instructions included with the pack!



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