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Popcorn Kernels - Organic, Bulk
Popcorn Kernels - Organic, Bulk

Popcorn Kernels - Organic, Bulk

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Organic popcorn makes the most delicious and fast snack - perfect throughout the day or for that movie screening at night. Simply heat some butter or coconut oil in a saucepan, throw some kernels in, cover with a lid and wait until it starts to pop! Swish the kernels around from time to time to distribute the heat. Once most of the kernels have popped sprinkle with your preferred topping - sea salt; powdered coconut sugar (or a combo of both!); add some chilli or ginger or other tasty spices to the mix!

This particular variety of corn has a high hard-starch content that "explodes" through the hull when heated and gives excellent popping results. 

No GMO. Preservative and additive free.



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