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Noodle Soup, Organic Miso Ramen - Spiral Foods, 116g

Noodle Soup, Organic Miso Ramen - Spiral Foods, 116g

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We are loving these quick to make ramen noodle miso soups - all organic ingredients making an obvious go-to choice for a fast meal or snack! We also add fresh veggies, spring onion and herbs for an easy quick meal too. And the kids love it too!

Ramen is one of Japan’s most popular dishes and is recognised as a true Japanese cultural staple, despite actually coming from Chinese influences. This Organic Miso ramen has a delicious liquid miso base sachet and slow dried (not fried) noodles that have a distinct quality in texture and taste. Spiral’s Organic Instant Ramen uses no MSG or GMO ingredients.


Organic noodle: Organic wheat flour, sea salt

Soup: Organic miso (49.36%) (Organic soybeans, organic rice, organic barley, salt, water), organic soy sauce (Water, organic soybeans, organic wheat, salt), organic mirin (Water, organic rice, organic rice koji, salt), organic sesame oil, organic coconut sugar, sea salt, organic yeast extract powder (Organic yeast extract, salt), water, garlic, kombu powder (Contains Iodine), ginger, black pepper, red chilli pepper.

Nutritional Information:

Per Serve (450g)* Per 100g
Energy 1219kJ 271kJ
Protein 11.7g 2.6g
Fat (Total) 3.2g LESS THAN 1g
- Saturated LESS THAN 1g LESS THAN 1g
Carbohydrates 52.2g 11.6g
- Sugars 3.6g LESS THAN 1g
Sodium 1674mg 372mg
*When made up according to the directions with the addition of 2 cups of water and consumed as a soup.


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