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Milk Kefir Grains

Milk Kefir Grains

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Milk kefir grains are a combination of live bacteria and yeasts which feed on the lactose in milk to convert milk into a healthy kefir drink. These grains will successfully ferment any fresh, raw or pasteurised, cow's or goat's milk into kefir packed with over 30 strains of beneficial bacterias and yeasts.

Kefir contains beneficial live bacteria that can colonize the intestinal tract along with beneficial yeasts that dominate, control and eliminate destructive yeasts in the body.

The small curd size of kefir makes it easy to digest and it also contains lactase, the enzyme needed to digest lactose as well as many vitamins and minerals including calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, Vitamin B2 and B12, vitamin K, vitamin A and vitamin D. It also contains Tryptophan, and essential amino acid known for it's relaxing effect on the nervous system.

The naturally occurring bacteria and yeast in kefir make it a complex symbiosis of beneficial bacterias and yeasts that combine to give superior health benefits when consumed regularly.

Milk Kefir grains are a live culture that will last forever as long as you look after them. Before long, your well looked after grains will multiply and you will have more than enough for your own use as well as extra to share with friends and family. You will only ever need to purchase kefir grains once, look after them and they will last forever.

Instructions on how to care for your grains can be downloaded here.

You may also want to purchase a 2L glass jar for making your kefir here

If sold out, please note that it won't take long for them to come back in stock. We are feeding them daily and patiently watching them grow :)



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