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Macadamia Butter - Raw, 320g
Macadamia Butter - Raw, 320g

Macadamia Butter - Raw, 320g

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Toast has never tasted so good.

Macadamia butter is the most amazing of butters because it is so deliciously creamy and high in anti-inflammatory mono-unsaturated fats similar to olive oil and avocado. And, to make macadamia nut milk simply blend 2 Tbs of macadamia butter with 2 cups of filtered water. No need to strain (add a pinch of salt and/or a splash of sweetener of choice if you like too!)

Our hand-made macadamia butter is sweet, buttery, creamy, luxurious and made from macadamias grown right here in the Northern Rivers. Non GMO, no added salt, sugar, oil or preservatives.



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