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Laundry Sheets - Good Sheet! Linen Fragrance, 32 Sheets
Laundry Sheets - Good Sheet! Linen Fragrance, 32 Sheets

Laundry Sheets - Good Sheet! Linen Fragrance, 32 Sheets

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We've had a lot of requests for a plant based, planet friendly laundry sheet for some time. We're proud to add Good Sheet! laundry sheets to our list. They're from a local Norhtern Rivers business and are packaged in home compostable cardboard and cellulose. And, at just 28 cents a wash, it's super economical. Ticks all the boxes!

Each 3g laundry sheet packs the same punch as 40g of other liquid or powdered detergents. These linen fragrance scented sheets leave your clothes smelling linen fresh!

How to use:

Good Sheet Laundry strips come in pairs so for a standard wash rip down the perforation and use 1 half or, if you have a massive load or a majorly dirty pile of laundry use both halves for extra oomph.

Place you laundry sheet(s) in the detergent compartment drawer for a front loader or straight into the machine for top loaders.

The sheets dissolve in water with no mess, no residue.

Can be used in hot or cold water.

If hand-washing dissolve in water first.

When you're done with the envelope, simply throw into the recycle bin or compost.


The packaging is 100% recycled Aussie cardboard, and laundry sheets are packed in a protective liner made from bio-cellulose and can be composted.

As well as being fantastic at washing your laundry, (they get sheet clean!). They are also:

Plant Based  Free from Phosphates
Zero Plastic Hypoallergenic
Chemical Free Recyclable packaging


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