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Laundry Sheets - Good Sheet! Fragrance Free, 32 Sheets
Laundry Sheets - Good Sheet! Fragrance Free, 32 Sheets

Laundry Sheets - Good Sheet! Fragrance Free, 32 Sheets

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We've had a lot of requests for a plant based, planet friendly laundry sheet for some time. We're proud to add Good Sheet! laundry sheets to our list. They're from a local Northern Rivers business and are packaged in home compostable cardboard and cellulose. And, at just 28 cents a wash it's super economical. Ticks all the boxes!

Each 3g laundry sheet packs the same punch as 40g of other liquid or powdered detergents. 

How to use:

Good Sheet Laundry strips come in pairs so for a standard wash rip down the perforation and use 1 half or, if you have a massive load or a majorly dirty pile of laundry use both halves for extra oomph.

Place you laundry sheet(s) in the detergent compartment drawer for a front loader or straight into the machine for top loaders.

The sheets dissolve in water with no mess, no residue.

Can be used in hot or cold water.

If hand-washing dissolve in water first.

When you're done with the envelope, simply throw into the recycle bin or compost.


The packaging is 100% recycled Aussie cardboard, and laundry sheets are packed in a protective liner made from bio-cellulose and can be composted.

As well as being fantastic at washing your laundry, (they get sheet clean) They are also:

Plant Based  Free from Phosphates
Zero Plastic Hypoallergenic
Chemical Free Recyclable packaging
Biodegradable Fragrance Free


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