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Kombucha Scoby
Kombucha Scoby

Kombucha Scoby

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Kombucha is a fizzy fermented beverage full of gut-loving probiotics that’s made from fermented tea!

Kombucha starts out as a sugary tea, which is then fermented with the help of a scoby. “SCOBY” is an acronym for “symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast.”

The scoby bacteria and yeast eat most of the sugar in the tea, transforming the tea into a refreshingly fizzy, slightly sour fermented (but mostly non-alcoholic) beverage that is relatively low in calories and sugar.

Kombucha has a deliciously sweet, tangy flavour. It is cheap and easy to prepare and there is enormous scope for flavour variation – from herbs and spices to fresh fruit.

When the scoby ferments the sweet tea solution to make kombucha, it produces a few useful things for our systems.

These include beneficial acids such as acetic acid, commonly found in vinegar, which can help control "bad" micro-organisms within the gut. 

Kombucha also contains B vitamins, probiotics, folic acid, tea polyphenols and antioxidants.

It contains several components (acids, enzymes, bacteria and yeast) that can influence the health and balance of gut microflora. 

Learn how to make your own naturally effervescent, plain & flavoured kombucha. It's easy and doesn't take much of your time at all.

Each kit contains a scoby and starter kombucha liquid.

Instructions on how to care for your scoby can be downloaded here.

You may also want to purchase a 2L glass jar for making your kombucha here



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