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Oats - Wheat Free, Organic Rolled, bulk

Oats - Wheat Free, Organic Rolled, bulk

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Premium organic, wholegrain rolled oats that have been tested for gluten. 

The national food safety standard (FSANZ) prohibits the use of a ‘gluten-free’ claim on oats and oat-containing products, so we have decided to update what we call these oats to "Wheat Free” to help inform those that want to limit or avoid gluten.

They have been tested for gluten and no gluten was detected within the limits of the test (<5ppm). They are sustainably grown and harvested from certified organic, non-GMO seed.

Excellent for baking or as a cereal. A modern day superfood, these oats have been lightly steamed to preserve their natural goodness. It's a common misconception that oats contain gluten. Oats themselves do not contain gluten but are processed on machinery that also process gluten containing products and therefore get cross contaminated.  These oats are manufactured on machinery uncontaminated by gluten, making them truly gluten free!



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