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Dashi - Bonito (Kombu Shiitake), 10g x 8 Sachets

Dashi - Bonito (Kombu Shiitake), 10g x 8 Sachets

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Dashi is a soup or cooking stock considered fundamental to Japanese cooking. Spiral Foods Kombu Shiitake Dashi with Bonito is fish based, made with kombu, shiitake and bonito fish and can be used to enhance the flavour of soups, stews and cooked vegetables. In Japan it is key to making a wholesome miso soup.

Dashi adds a unique flavour to soups with the added use of kombu, a Japanese seaweed, it adds a subtle flavour to the soup that is neither salty, sweet, sour or bitter. This dashi is freeze dried and can be used as an instant soup by just add boiling water.

Country of Origin: Japan


Ingredients: Oligosaccaride (tapioca, sweet potato), Sea salt, Yeast Extract (yeast, dextrin, salt), Shiitake mushroom powder, Kombu seaweed (contains natural iodine) powder



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