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Beef Organ Powder - Cell Squared, Organic Grass-Fed 180g

Beef Organ Powder - Cell Squared, Organic Grass-Fed 180g

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Ditch the synthetic supplements for REAL ingredients with REAL benefits. Cultures throughout history, have praised the amazing health benefits of eating organ meats, with liver widely known as one of the most nutrient dense foods on the planet!

Cell Squared's range of Organic Organ Capsules & Powders make the benefits of these true superfoods accessible in everyday life.

This organic grass-fed beef organ powder can easily be added to smoothies and food to boost nutrition and improve wellbeing.

  • A staple in our early ancestor’s diets, traditionally known as the ‘Ultimate Superfoods'

  • A unique complex of Beef Liver, Heart, Lung, & Spleen to support all-rounder nose-to-tail nourishment.

  • Organ specific proteins, peptides & enzymes for like-for-like organ support.

  • Supports the immune system, energy production, endurance, metabolism, & healthy hair & skin.

  • A combination of B Vitamins for energy production and to help reduce fatigue & brain fog.

  • ACO Certified Organic ingredients



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