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Aluminium Foil, Heavy Duty - If You Care, Roll 7m x 40cm

Aluminium Foil, Heavy Duty - If You Care, Roll 7m x 40cm

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If You Care Heavy Duty Aluminium Foil is thicker, stronger and wider, it is perfect for BBQ, grill and oven use.

If You Care Aluminium Foil is made with 100% recycled aluminium. While traditional foil manufacturing is a power-intensive process, If You Care uses 95% less energy to produce. Because there is no need to mine, the production creates less waste, while reusing a precious resource.

If You Care Aluminium Foil protects food against light, oxygen, humidity and bacteria and is a great food wrap and can be used for baking. It is not recommended for use with acidic or fatty foods.

Made in Italy. Packaged in recycled cardboard. Can be recycled - check with your local council. 



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