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Manuka Honey - Hinterland Honey, 270g
Manuka Honey - Hinterland Honey, 270g

Manuka Honey - Hinterland Honey, 270g

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This Manuka honey is produced here in the Byron Hinterland, a stones throw from our HQ. From Hinterland Honey, this exceptional product is produced from the plant Leptospermum Liversidgei more commonly known as Manuka. This honey has high anti-bacterial properties available in MGO ratings of 100+, 350+, 500+ and 600+.

There are many studies on the benefits of Manuka for wound care, cuts & skin conditions.

We love it as a face mask and taken orally to boost the immune system or fight off colds and flus. We keep ours in the fridge and apply to burns, saving our skin from blistering. It's also great in warm water with lemon! 

Please note that this honey is also raw so heating this honey overly will destroy the antibacterial properties. It is also light sensitive which is why it is packaged in a food grade amber PET jar.

Higher MGO ratings are also available. Please email us for pricing and availability.



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