Spelt Banana Bread – Rider

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Spelt Banana Bread

Nothing could be easier than making this wholesome sugar-free banana bread. Easily whip this up in under 10 min, bake and enjoy hot out of the oven or toasted with lashings of butter for breakfast! Perfect way to use up those ripe or over-ripe bananas. The sweetness of the banana and coconut is all the sweetness you need here. A lovely easy recipe to make with the little ones too.


450g smashed banana

2 free range eggs

½ cup organic coconut oil

1 tsp organic cinnamon

2 tsp aluminium & gluten free baking powder

1 ¾ cup organic desiccated coconut

1 ½ cup organic whole spelt flour



- Preheat oven 160 C

- Combine banana, eggs, oil, cinnamon in bowl (soften coconut oil if needed)

- Add baking powder, coconut & spelt flour.

- Spoon into lined tin

- You can decorate the top with sliced bananas, coconut flakes or chia seeds.

- Bake for 1 hour



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