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Healthy Magnum Ice creams

Healthy Magnum Ice creams

As soon as the weather warms up, in our house, the kids are always asking for a cooling treat. I like to have some ice blocks or ice creams on the go in the freezer exactly for those times, when I know that they’re getting a guilt free treat that is nourishing and rewarding at the same time.
Whip up these healthy magnum alternatives in just 5 mins with this easy recipe.

2 cups organic cashews
500ml organic coconut cream (or tin organic coconut cream)
3 Tbs organic maple syrup
2 Tbs organic MCT oil
1 Tbs Byron Bushfood davidson plum powder
1 tsp beetroot powder (optional but adds a great colour)

Blend together until smooth. Pop some frozen raspberries in your silicon ice cream moulds and then pour mix in. Freeze for at least 3-4 hrs then dip in chocolate mix:

Melt and whisk together:
100g organic cacao butter (chunks or wafers)
4 Tbs organic cacao powder
4 Tbs organic maple syrup
Sprinkle with chopped nuts, seeds or shredded/desiccated coconut.

If short on time or supplies - simply melt some good quality chocolate instead or go chocolate free!

Pour any leftover chocolate into silicon moulds for some extra chocolatey treats! We even used doughnut moulds for some fun leftover ice cream… 💀⭐️🍩



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