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Grain, Wheat - Organic, Bulk

Grain, Wheat - Organic, Bulk

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Organic Wheat Grain is can be used for home milling and cooking. It is one of the most versatile grains and in many cultures and has been a staple in diets for centuries. This variety of Organic wheat grain is Trojan.

The outer bran of wheat contains three major B vitamins, trace minerals and dietary fibre. The endosperm, however, takes up most of the room and contains protein, carbohydrates, iron, riboflavin and thiamine. The germ (or wheat plant embryo) also contains a small portion of B vitamins and trace minerals as well.

Whole wheat grain used as a rice substitute in a pilaf or risotto or a nutritious addition to soups or casseroles.

No GMO. Preservative and additive free.

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