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Turmeric Immunity Ferment Potion - Lovemore Fermentary, 250ml Jar (approx. 500g)

Turmeric Immunity Ferment Potion - Lovemore Fermentary, 250ml Jar (approx. 500g)

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Lovemore Fermentary are local Lismore legends churning out some of the best ferments in the Northern Rivers. We find their offering to be creative and adventurous, while keeping things delicate and delicious. We haven't tried a Lovemore's product we haven't loved!

Fermented foods are naturally anti-inflammatory and boost our immunity by creating a good gut environment, so eat as many different kinds as you can: kraut, yoghurt, kombucha, kvass, kimchi, pickles & kefir - yum!

we recommend

  • pop a teaspoon in hot water with some extra honey and lemon if you like, or have it on it’s own
  • pop a teaspoon on top of your bowl of soup like pumpkin, miso or chicken broth & curries
  • use as a marinade on your favourite meats or plant based meals

ingredients: organic ginger, organic turmeric, garlic, organic lemons, honey, organic chilli, black pepper.

Made in a fermentary which also processes tree nuts.

Please note: Local delivery only. This product requires refrigeration and cannot be shipped, however, you can purchase this product directly from the Lovemore online shop here



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