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Seaweed - Kombu Strips, Pacific Harvest, 40g

Seaweed - Kombu Strips, Pacific Harvest, 40g

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We are thrilled to finally get our hands on some wild harvested kombu!

Kombu Seaweed Strips are made from the stipe of kelp seaweed.  This kombu was wild harvested from the North Island of NZ, dried naturally to preserve nutrients and tested for contaminants.

Add nutritious, flavourful Kombu Strips to infuse stocks and soups, or add umami, salty and sweet flavour to fish and meat. Cut Kombu into strips and stir fry for a healthy snack. Infuse drinks for a unique umami flavour. It’s not easy to find a vegan source of umami but the Japanese have mastered the art of flavour, and Kombu is a key ingredient in any Japanese cooking.

The white powder you see on the dried Kombu strip is an amino acid called glutamine.  This is what is said to give Kombu’s it’s wonderful natural umami flavour and is not to be confused with mould.

Add nutritious, flavourful Kombu seaweed to infuse stocks and soups, add to rice when cooking or add umami flavour to your sauces.  Infuse drinks for a unique umami flavour which is brimming with micronutrients, minerals and vitamins. Make up a broth or stock and freeze for future use, or if you have more liquid than you require, use the kombu infused water for a natural restorative facial, or water your plants with it. 


Soak 1g per litre in room temp water and gradually warm, then use the infused water for stock. Infuse drinks for a unique umami flavour.

Benefits of Kombu Seaweed?

Kombu strips are cut from Kelp which is a brown seaweed.  Kelp is widely regarded as the best natural, most concentrated source of iodine – an essential nutrient for human health.

In addition to iodine, Kelp offers a range of other nutrients  (such as calcium and magnesium) and beneficial compounds including Alginates, fucoidan, laminarins and lignans.

Ingredients:  Kelp (Ecklonia radiata) dried seaweed 100%.



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