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Tonic - Fermented Beet Kvass, Bone Bros, 500ml

Tonic - Fermented Beet Kvass, Bone Bros, 500ml

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Prepared lovingly by Bone Bros right down the road from us here in Rosebank, this fermented beetroot tonic is rich in vitamins, many nutrients and phytonutrients. Fermented for 21 days, this tonic is not only delicious but drinking some before or after meals can help improve digestion, reduce inflammation, improve gut health, as well as improve cardiovascular, metabolic and brain health. 

Beet Kvass has such a gorgeous vibrant purple colour...try kicking things up a notch by drinking it from an elegant champagne flute - and toast to good health!

Drink ¬ľ cup up to 3 times a day depending on what your body needs.

Ingredients: Organic beetroot, sauerkraut juice as starter, Celtic sea salt, filtered water (mineralised)



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