Kombucha - Lovemore Fermentary, Seasonal Flavours

Kombucha - Lovemore Fermentary, Seasonal Flavours

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Lovemore Fermentary are local Lismore legends churning out some of the best ferments in the Northern Rivers. We find their offering to be creative and adventurous, while keeping things delicate and delicious. We haven't tried a Lovemore's product we haven't loved!

This cultured beverage is the perfect sweet and sour balance. Lovemore kombucha’s are real, small batch, slow & wild fermented, full of probiotics and B vitamins.

They carbonate their kombucha using organic fruit not sugar, which makes it colourful, naturally sparkling and delicious.

Flavours are always seasonally dependant, but some of the regulars include raspberry & rose, cherry & cacoa, apple & camomile, fig & ginger. Trust in what the universe gives you, it will be delicious.

Please note: Local delivery only. This product requires refrigeration and cannot be shipped, however, you can purchase this product directly from the Lovemore online store here



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