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Pâté - Organic Chicken Liver, Bone Bros 145g
Pâté - Organic Chicken Liver, Bone Bros 145g
Pâté - Organic Chicken Liver, Bone Bros 145g

Pâté - Organic Chicken Liver, Bone Bros 145g

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Prepared lovingly right down the road from us right here in Rosebank, this chicken pate is bursting with flavour and nutrition. Bone Bros source their chicken livers from local organic farm Misty Creek Agroforestry - that allows them to free-range forage through their organic forest, sustainably and ethically. The happy chickens graze the most nutrient-dense goodness from under fruit and vegetable trees which means you are receiving all of these vitamins and minerals with every mouthful.

Liver is one of the most nutrient-dense foods we can eat. Add to that shiitake mushrooms with their medicinal properties, and this delicious pate packs a healthy punch.

Because of the fat-soluble content in livers, you are absorbing all the vitamins and minerals compared to taking supplements, which are just the vitamins on their own. Your body doesn’t know how to absorb a vitamin on its own. Eat Bone Bros Organic Pate weekly and notice how you feel!


Misty Creek chicken livers, Misty Creek garlic, Shiitake mushrooms, Onion, Seasonal herbs, Chicken Broth, Ghee, Coconut oil, Salt, Pepper, Spiral Turmeric Spiced Mustard 

LOCAL DELIVERY ONLY. This product requires refrigeration and cannot be shipped.

Pate is made fresh each week but is supplied frozen for ease of delivery. Simply thaw in fridge or keep frozen until needed.



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