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Bone Broth - Organic Chicken, Wise Traditions, Litre
Bone Broth - Organic Chicken, Wise Traditions, Litre

Bone Broth - Organic Chicken, Wise Traditions, Litre

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Please note, this is a frozen product. LOCAL DELIVERY only. Not available for postage. 

Our friends at Bone Bros recently rebranded and have relaunched their amazing and nourishing products under a new name, Wise Traditions Food & Tonics. Still prepared lovingly right down the road from us here in Rosebank, this chicken broth is bursting with flavour, nutrition and gut health benefits. Wise Traditions source their birds from a local organic farm (Misty Creek Agroforestry) that allows them to free-range forage through their organic forest, sustainably and ethically. The happy chickens graze the most nutrient-dense goodness from under fruit and vegetable trees which means you are receiving all of these vitamins and minerals with every mouthful.

This bone broth is cooked for 6 hrs. This short-cooking style maintains the important gut healing amino acids, glycine, proline, gelatine and collagen. Longer cooked broths are beneficial but when simmered at high temperatures or high pressures, this diminishes these important amino acids. Another reason short-cooked stocks are of benefit is the lower histamine levels present which benefit those who suffer gut health issues and are unable to tolerate histamines.

Small batch cooked using seasonal vegetables. The perfectly balanced flavour makes it the ideal foundation for soups, stews, sauces, risottos and slow bakes. In winter we adore it over savoury porridge at breakfast with sprouts, ginger and fresh shallots! Mmmm...


Misty Creek chicken goodness, water, apple cider vinegar, onions, garlic, carrots, leeks, peppercorns, celtic sea salt, bay leaves (all organic or spray free)

Broth is made fresh each week but is supplied frozen for ease of delivery. Simply thaw in fridge or keep frozen until needed.



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